The primary function of SCORZ is to record and report on MICRA-T and SIGMA-T test results.

The MICRA-T (Mary Immaculate College Reading Attainment Tests) is Ireland's leading reading test. The principal purpose of the test is to provide Irish primary school teachers with accurate information on the reading levels of pupils in their classes. In particular, the tests enable teachers to compare the reading performances of their pupils with reading standards nationally. The MICRA-T is a norm-referenced reading test, meaning that pupils’ results are interpreted in relation to the results of other pupils of the same age or the same class level. The chief advantage of nationally standardised norm-referenced tests, such as the MICRA-T, is that they almost uniquely allow teachers to benchmark any pupil’s performance against reading standards nationally.

The SIGMA-T (Standardised Irish Graded Mathematics Attainment Tests) series of mathematics attainment tests has been specially developed and standardised for use in Irish primary schools. The five levels within the series are based on main strands of the Primary School Mathematics Curriculum and the content of the tests has been fully aligned with the mathematics programme. The tests are intended to provide teachers with accurate and reliable information on the mathematical achievement of pupils.

SCORZ consists of the following web pages:

  • School - school details, school years and rooms

  • Teachers - list of school teachers

  • Classes - list of classes in a school year

  • Pupils - list of pupils by class

  • Tests - view, create and edit MICRA-T and SIGMA-T tests

  • Reports

  • Documentation - central repository for school documentation/files

  • My Tasks - recording and tracking personal tasks

  • Scheduler - scheduling and tracking school events/appointments